Waste Water Treatment Membrane BIOREACTOR (MBR) MEMJET

Based on the membrane technology, which made tremendous technological advances in several fields of waste water treatment, we would like to present to you the so called MEMJET process, developed by ROTREAT jointly with the engineering consultant company EnviCare®. Besides an innovative technology and advanced process control, the MEMJET process is equipped with a highly efficient and cost effective microfiltration membrane.
This particular microfiltration membrane is currently in operation in over 470 large scale waste water treatment plants, both in communal or industrial use, with varying throughputs and possesses several years of operational experience. The units are installed in several countries worldwide. 
Our experience in operating landfill leachate plants proved to be very useful and was therefore integrated in the process technology of the MEMJET MBR process. Looking at the treatment of leachate it became obvious that the degradation rate for substances like COD or ammonium is significantly higher and also more stable in MBR´s compared to conventional activated sludge process. The disadvantage of many MBR´s built in the 1990´s lay in the external cross-flow filtration and the high specific energy demand (2-10 kWh/m3 waste water). 
Around 50 MBR´s were built in Europe, mainly for the treatment of landfill leachate.
The high energy demand and the resulting high operating costs of the external cross flow lead to the development of the so called "submerged filtration systems" with clearly less energy demand.

Water Treatment - the MEMJET process is based on this energy efficient submerged membrane filtration.

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