Membrane Production

The membrane cushions are made of two single membrane sheets with an intermediate layer (spacer). The membranes are manufactured from modified polyamide, the material of intermediate layers is polyester. Using the ultrasonic welding technique the medium can not come into contact with other materials (membrane glues, etc.). The production is classified in 2 steps: 

1. Production of the blank

Both membrane-sheets are combined with the spacer and pre-fixed by small welding-spots.
A thermical method is used here, which staples the blanks on 4 areas to simplify the next production steps
2. Welding of the membrane cushion
The membran cushions are welded by a ultrasonic-process and cut to the final octagonal form.
The proper welding is essential for the quality of the final membrane. This is controlled by pressure and energy input during the welding process.

The process of membrane production

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