Romania - 3 stage RO RCDT with double degasser

Reverse Osmosis plant with 3 stages using disc tube module technology RCDT

In  August Rotreat signs a contract for a 3 stage RO plant using disc tube modules technology with RCDT 2.0. Due to the high restrictions a 3 stage RO plant with 2 lines was requested.  Each line will have a separate sand filter as a prefiltration and the whole plant will be controlled fully automatically by a PLC. The first stage is divided in 2 parallel lines (RO1.1 and RO1.2), followed by the second and third stages and a double degasser for the permeate. The main advantage are the two parallel lines of RO 1, which can be operated together or individual. The unit will be delivered in 2 x 40 foot containers and is equipped with 60 RCDT 2.0 XXL modules (2x30) in RO1, in the second stage RO2 with 15 RCDT 2.0 XXL modules and in the third stage RO3 with Spiral Wound module. The permeate of RO 3 will be treated in 2 degassers.

Capacity: 170 m³/day