Test plant

For new installations we select the appropriate model, using data generated on site. 

Testing is usually carried out by a low capacity mobile plant (up to 24 m³/d).
This enables us to offer customers the assurance that every single aspect of a future system meets consistently high standards. We therefore would be happy to offer such services to any of your companies. 
Based on the experience of treating successful over 40 million. m³ of leachate and wastewater we are convinced that the RCDT technology is the best RO technology you can get in the world at the moment and we know that we are the best partners to apply this technology. 
If once you have looked at our literature and customer reference list and feel that our technology is of interest to you, to solve your leachate or wastewater problems, please contact us und we can further discuss your application and possibly have you visit a location where our units are in operation to gain a greater insight into our proven and patented technology.