Technical Process

The plants are tailor-made according to the customers demands. Four standard modular plants, which can treat wastewater volumes from 0.5 m³/h to 15 m³/h, form the basis of the system. The modular system-design allows also the construction of plants for bigger water volumes.

The maximum system pressure of the plant is 90 bar.
If required, these plants can be equipped with permeate stages (2nd RO stage) to ensure, that even in the case of high pollutant concentrations the standard requirements are met.
The units are designed in standard modular form; the individual sections are installed on a common foundation frame, made of stainless steel to ensure a long life time of the system.
The plants are designed in such a way that they can either be placed in a hall or installed in a container (standard ISO sizes). No technical changes are necessary for container installation. It is also possible to later transfer a plant from a container to a hall.
The standard modular construction allows ready-for-operation assembling of the plants in our factory, including complete acceptance testing. This allows quick installation and start-up of the plant at the intended site.