MBR-Test unit

As a result of variable qualities and pollution of different waste water, it is strongly recommended to test on site.

However, ROTREAT has developed a mobile test unit, placed in a standard ISO-container. This container allows a quick and easy transport to the costumer.
The installation is rather simple, on site only electic power supply and the water- and waste water connection are required.
For this reason a test run at the location with the specific waste water of the costumer is easy to realize.
All the technical parts as pump and compressor (aeration and cleaning) are integrated in the container.
In the inflow a sedimentation tank and screening are installed. The biology runs selectively anaerobic, anoxic or aerobic, additionally a stirring unit for homogenisation is attached.
The plant is equipped with an electric powered crane construcion so that the modules can be easily installed by one person only.

The container plant is designed to test variable types of membranes (hollow fibre modules, plates modules and spiral modules, etc.) from different manufacturers with various operation methods and Dead-End or Semi-Cross-Flow.

Chemicals necessary for flocculation and phosphorprecipitation are stored directly in the container and the dosing is fully automatic regulated. Cleaning sequences (backwash, backflush, etc.) are executed automatically as well and completely parameter driven.
Accessorily a plant control station with SPS-control unit for operation and fully automatic mode for the membrane filtration plant is intregrated.