The MEMJET process is equipped with a submerged commercial hollow fiber membrane with a cut-off of 0,4 µm and with an outer diameter of appr. 540 µm.  The membranes are made of polyethylene and they are permanently hydrophilic. The fibers are highly resistant to flexural fatigue. The membranes can be stored dry and do not need to be pre-wetted prior to use.

The individual fibers are assembled to flat "curtains". The fibers are situated horizontally in the biomass. This type of arrangement guarantees an optimal use of the installed membrane area, since the activated sludge does not block the ends of the fibers as experienced in the vertical set up.
Several curtains are mounted in a steel frame, thus forming one module of 105 m² membrane filtration area. The permeate is extracted through to connection pipes.
Smaller units are available upon request.